The Canterwood girls aren't the only stars on campus. Meet their horses!




Sasha's gelding, Charm, is a Belgian/Thoroughbred mix who doesn't let anyone forget about his Thoroughbred blood. Charm's fiercely loyal to Sasha and he's sensitive to her feelings. Charm loves to hit the trails with Sasha, Callie and his best stable friend Black Jack. Charm does have one little addiction to apple flavored cookies. He's the perfect match for Sasha and he's brought her luck since her first ride.


black jack


Callie's Morab gelding is one of the calmest horses at Canterwood. When he's under saddle, he almost anticipates Callie's every command. He's an excellent dressage horse and he's fun to train. Jack and Callie are tough competition and Mr. Conner sees them as one of the best pairs at the stable.






Heather's Thoroughbred gelding is Charm's arch nemesis. Aristocrat is almost as snobby as his owner. He takes any chance to shoot Charm a dirty look or to intimidate other horses. Aristocrat is a champion show horse, but his attitude needs work.






Julia's mare may be compact, but she can clear even the tallest of fences with ease. The fiery bay loves to romp around the pasture and race along the fence line. She's one of the best dressage horses at Canterwood and Julia works hard to keep her sharp.






Alison's Arabian gelding isn't an easy ride. Sunstruck spooks easily and he keeps Alison on alert. He'd rather stay in his comfy stall than brave outside elements. Despite Sunstruck's tendency to shy, he's a bold jumper. Alison and Sunstruck excel at cross-country and show jumping.






Even though Luna isn't Eric's, she's his favorite school horse to ride. Luna's gentle, sweet and she seems to have a crush on Charm. Luna's the perfect match for a rider such as Eric and the two are a strong pair at Canterwood.






Jasmine King's horse doesn't always get the best treatment from his owner, but that hasn't spoiled his personality. Phoenix tries non-stop to please Jasmine. She often tries to get away with rough handling, but all Phoenix needs is a rider to be easy with him and he'll give one hundred percent.






Brit Chan's supersweet gelding is a dressage star just like his owner. Apollo is a steady, experienced horse who doesn't blink in front of show judges. Brit loves him like crazy. The pair clicked the first time they met. The two are usually always in synch and when they're not—something's up. The one thing that Apollo's afraid of? Squirrels.






Cricket, headstrong but affectionate, is Lauren's assigned mount at Briar Creek Stable. Cricket is the perfect match for Lauren as she overcomes one of her greatest fears. The beautiful bay, who's playful and feisty, loves to hit the trails. She waits every day for Lauren to come to the stable.






Whisper might be the sweetest horse Lauren Towers ever met. The gray mare, Lauren's present for being accepted to Canterwood, is a horse who's dedicated to her rider. The new pair haven't been together long though it's not easy to tell. Together, Whisper and Lauren are navigating Canterwood.






Adonis belongs to Riley Edwards. The gray gelding is nothing like his owner, though. Adonis is sweet and calm. He and Riley make a team that's hard to beat. Affection from Riley is rare, so Adonis loves it when he gets treats and petted. The gelding's fave thing to do is graze in the sunshine.






Clare Bryant's horse, Fuego, is as spirited as his name suggests! Fuego and Clare are the perf match because Clare's calm personality keeps Fuego in check. The gorge chestnut is friendly with all of the other horses and it's easy to see how much he loves his owner.






Khloe Kinsella's mare might be one of the sweetest horses at Canterwood. The beautiful bay is a dream horse. She and Khloe are perfect for each other and Ever never puts a hoof out of place. The Hanoverian mare's strength is dressage and watch out for her twenty-meter circles-they'll make anyone else's look like misshapen ovals.






Honor is Lexa Reed's biggest love. Lexa's been riding her strawberry roan mare for years and can't imagine not having Honor in her life. Honor's quiet and thoughtful like Lexa. The mare works hard all of the time to please her owner.






Valentino loves Cole Harris as much as Cole loves him. The leggy black gelding is always one to watch during lessons. Valentino picks up new skills super fast and is always focused during lessons. But once he's out of the arena, Valentino is silly and loves to head butt Cole or beg for treats.






Polo's Thoroughbred/quarter horse blood makes for an ideal mount for Drew Adams. The gelding has the speed and energy of a Thoroughbred mixed with the attitude and skills common in quarter horses. Drew takes the best care of Polo-the chestnut's coat is always gleaming. Polo has a not so secret crush on Whisper.




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